What to do with Tofu: Top it

My favourite way to enjoy tofu on a hot day is hiyayakko. This dish really celebrates tofu so if ever there is a time when you need proper good quality tofu, this is it!  The tofu is basically served raw and chilled -the better the tofu, the better this will taste. If you are in UK and can order Otokomae tofu online, do it!

It’s ridiculously easy to prepare and incredibly versatile so you can tailor it to your tastebuds.


Tofu chilled in the fridge overnight

Your choice of toppings (see suggestions below)

Soy sauce, ponzu (citrus soy sauce) or mentsuyu (bonito soup base)



Drain your tofu really well.

Present on a plate.

Top with your chosen toppings and sauce. Done!

Topping suggestions:

In the above pics, I used wafer thin slices of radish, pickled ginger, shredded spring onion and ajipon. You can use whatever you fancy!

Here are some of my favourite combinations:

Chirimen (baby sardines), spring onions, sesame seeds, ponzu and sesame oil

Nametake mushrooms and a touch of Japanese mustard

Slices of quick boiled okra, shredded shiso leaves and mentsuyu

Tomato and toasted sesame seeds and shredded spring onion.

Shredded spring onion, sesame, chili oil and soy sauce.

Let me know if you have any questions or need help finding Japanese ingredients in London. My favourite places to buy our essentials are: Rice Wine on Brewer Street, Soho.  Natural Natural on Finchely Road. Longdan Express on Hackney Road, Shoreditch has a useful Japanese section.