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Peeling back time to when we were enjoying family time in Cape Verde…..

We stayed in one of the few yet vast labyrinthine hotels on the quiet island of Boa Vista. It’s one of those establishments where every convenience has been anticipated within the massive confines. This was a first for us. We are used to smaller, more local, less curated accommodations. But with a two year old in tow and running on depleted energy and patience levels than we used to, this seemed like a wonderful and well-earned treat.

What really caught my attention in the hotel were the sights beyond the naked windows. Windows glassless and inviting for the elements to find their way in. Stretches of corridors where the wind whistles through and the shadows converge and disperse in a silent concert. Windows, like frames for living landscape art….

I like it when an establishment enjoys its surrounding in this way. We were the only people lurking in the corridors staring out into the expanses. In our defence, if ever we needed one, nature, whether landscaped or wild, really enhances any experience for us. So it is no surprise then that such vignettes were very much appreciated.