| Travel | Nesugatayama Park

It makes my family laugh to see me squirm at heights. My husband, his family and even my son all love the view from high places, they face them with relish whilst I have to steady my nerves and gather my strength before each giddy escapade.

Although I am happiest when my feet find terra firma again, I am always glad for each experience and never regret facing my fears to enjoy adventures such as our trip to the Nesugatayama Observatory. Had I refused to get onto the ropeway, I’d never see the visual treasures that waited at the summit.

“Nesugata” refers to a reclining figure in Japanese. The mountain is called Nesugatayama by locals because its landscape resembles body  of a woman reclining,  face up towards the sky when viewed from distance.

The elevated views from Mount Nesugata are as revealing as they are beautiful. You can see into Shimoda Port and across the 7 Islands of Izu. Amid the curated gardens on the mountain top park, is Aizendo, a striking pavilion style temple. This marks a well-known “Power Spot” for Japanese. In case you’ve never heard of a Power Spot whilst in Japan, or have but didn’t really get it, let me break it down for you….

Japanese have a next-level deep love for nature and take every opportunity to celebrate it. A Power Spot is a spiritual location, usually one of natural beauty where a person can just zone out of everydayness and fall in tune with the (mystical) energy of the surrounding nature. Nesugatayama’s power spot it thought to bring blessings for a happy marriage and children.

My favourite sight during our time here were cavorting Koi. They were just exquisite in their movement, brandishing their brilliance as the sunlight coruscated across the pond.