Our April Essentials

April was a tough month for me personally for many reasons. So I found a kind of solace in books. I delved into a small mountain of hardbacks, researching for my Super Ordinary Life blog. I dug out my box of sticky notes and highlighting tapes and really got into it. It felt great and kept me from wallowing.

I prefer mini sticky notes and my favourites are made by a Japanese company called ‘drop around‘. I like the vibrant colours and geometric shapes. They make great page markers and never leave any residue. I don’t like writing in my reference books so I use highlighter tapes as they are removable and again, leave no residue behind. The highlighting tapes are made by Yamato stationery Japan. If you are in the UK, you can by the sticky notes from Present & Correct and the tape from Choosing Keeping.

Aside from stationery, I’ve enjoyed using Glossier’s rose balm. I love a good multi-tacker and this has fixed my cuticles, dry elbows and ankles and adds a subtle colour to my lips, too. It hasn’t left my bag yet. When the weather is changeable, my hair throws a frizzy tantrum. I’ve been using Shiro’s hair oil. It smells so good and keeps the frizz at bay without making my hair greasy.

Hiro’s April Essentials

April has been a month of business trips for Hiro so his essentials are quiet predictable.

When a company has a motto like this, you can only expect supreme quality:


“Heart and soul into every stitch”

Hiro always travels with his Yoshida Porter backpack. Porter bags are high quality yet understated with a timeless appeal. They are water and dirt repellant and made to last. Hiro bought this one in Tokyo about 3 years ago and despite a lot of dragging around, it’s still going strong.

Air cabins are the perfect place to pick up a virus/cold/bug and Hiro is really prone to them in this particular environment. So he takes those masks that Japanese are so stereotypically known for with him. Good thing too…coping with sick kid and husband is pure horrible.


Kid’s Essential

Now that the clocks have gone forward, my son thinks that I am trying to trick him out of playtime. I was sceptical about how a pillow spray could lull him into slumber, but lo’ and behold, the stuff works!

“We is in Dream Country,’ the BFG said. ‘This is where all dreams is beginning.”

Bloom and Blossom recruited the aesthetic assistance of the BFG for their line of children’s bath and bedtime products. Being a fan of the snozzcumber munching giant, I was immediately enchanted by this collection and am delighted my son falls asleep within minutes of his head hitting the freshly spritz pillow. It smells gorgeous BTW.

What are your April essentials?