| Travel | Suomen Lasimuseo

Our trip to the Suomen Lasimuseo (Finnish glass museum) was a spur of the moment idea. My Aunt decided that she wanted to take us there one afternoon during our time with her in Finland, so off we went!

As soon as we set foot into the building, we were captivated by the luminous colours leaping out at us from the shadows. Long time followers of this blog or my design stories on Instagram will know how much I love Finnish glass. It’s a love that hasn’t budged a single inch and I was delighted to have the chance to admire the skill and expression that the artists of Finland bring to their craft.

For me, the beauty of Finnish glass lies in the combination quality, artistry, craftsmanship, design and timelessness. Finnish glass artisans take a lot of inspiration from nature and create these tactile shapes and textures that do not loose their appeal even if the glassware is mass produced. Quite an amazing feat, if you ask me!

It’s almost poetic that the the museum occupies a former glassworks building, and that the conversion was designed by Tapio Wirkkala, one of Finland’s most prominent designers.  Tapio Wirkkala had an impressively varied design portfolio. His work included banknotes, plastic ketchup bottles, ceramics, metalware, plywood and of course, he created some iconic glassware, too.

We have some of his Ultima Thule tumblers, probably Wirkkala’s most famous line. The textures glass is inspired by the melting ice in Lapland.

The Suomen Lasimuseo is in Riihimaki (just outside Helsinki), Finland.