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I’ve been rediscovering Korean skincare recently. I went through a stint about 10 years ago when I tried out everything that I could get my hands on before settling for more locally accessible alternatives.

One of my favourite things about Asian skincare is the subtle but effective layering of products. Aside from cleansing, skincare sets usually contain a toner/lotion, serum, emulsion and cream which allows me to pick and choose which layers I need on a particular day depending on how my skin feels.

In case you are wondering, Asian lotions are the Western equivalent of a toner only more viscous as in general lotions are applied with the hands, pressing the product into the face because it is believed to be less damaging to the skin’s structure. Anyway! Asian toners are my favourite skincare step they really make a difference to my skincare routine especially after using an acid toner in the evening.

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Etude House’s Pink Vital Water range is formulated to hydrate and revitalise dry and tired skin. Individually, the line up of products that I have tried provide light, refreshing and comforting moisture levels. Layered together, they offer deeper and more effective moisturising levels. The products are lightly fragranced with an inoffensive delicate floral white peach scent.

My highlights items from this range for are the lotion -it’s so lovely after using an acid toner. I also like the serum simply put, it’s reasonable (£8.00), leaves my skin really smooth without leaving it feeling clogged.  Heavyweight skincare – even for my dry skin makes me feel grubby.

If you do get a chance to try out Etude House’s Pink Vital Water range, give it a go, especially if your dry skin needs some gentle TLC.

(Unfortunately, this isn’t easily available in UK, so you may need to find a supplier online or ask a friend in or visiting South Korea, Singapore or USA to help out).