My March Essentials

Here a few things that been essential for me during this bitter cold March.

Pencils: I’ve been scribbling away, research, ideas, plans for my other blog Super Ordinary Life and pencils feel so satisfying to use on a daily basis. I’m currently going through pencils from Faber-Castell, Palomino Blacking and Craft Design Technology.

Bath Oil: I bought these in Japan because I liked the cute packaging. It has penguins printed on the clear front section and a little girl on the opaque blue back section. Hot baths have been a balm to my bones this month.

Hand balm: I’m really enjoying exploring the range of body care items from ARKET. This hand balm stays in my bag calming and refreshing my parched hands.

Lip Balm: ROHTO’s Mentholatum, medicated lip balm is a constant favourite for my family. Hiro always has one and his mum does too.

Hairband: Invisibobble hair rings are great. I liked them first because they remind me of old phone cables and those fun clip key chains. I especially like the Power versions – they keep my thick unruly hair in check.

Notebook: I bought this exercise book in a local stationery shop near Hiro’s grandparents house. It’s a really local slightly dusty shop that’s probably seen better days but still has tonnes of charm. This cost me about 50p, it was a great buy.

Moisturiser: LIXIR Universal Emulsion has been a dream moisturiser during the cold snap. I wrote more about it HERE