| Travel | Mijas Pueblo

Nestled in the mountains of Malaga is the gleaming town of Mijas Pueblo. It’s a picturesque dream with whitewashed buildings and sinuous cobbled streets that stop you in your tracks and astound you with views that traverse over mountains and rooftops before finally reaching the sea.

We walked the town under the brilliance of the midday sun dipping in and out of shadows as we marvelled at the details surrounding us. Mijas Pueblo is a place brought to life with the carefully nurtured elements that the locals add to their streets. Spotless pavements, blooming potted geraniums and characterful touches speak of the pride the locals have for their home.

Mijas Pueblo is a beautiful place to visit by day. I would like to have stayed longer. While I am certain that watching the sun set from here would be a wondrous sight,  I am more curious about what the town is like at night.

It is really easy to get here via public transport. We hopped onto the bus from Malaga bus station, it was a pleasant drive up into the mountains from the dusty city.  If you are here at lunch time, try to have a meal in the old part of the town. We had a fantastic late lunch at Alarcon on Calle Lasta, Barrio Santana. No one spoke English and we managed just fine managing to enjoy a host of local specialities. The staff and family that own the restaurant were all very kind to our curious toddler.