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Trying to keep warm on this bitterly cold snowy day in London, planning on making my umpteenth hot drink of the morning when 2 sachets of drip coffee fell out of the cupboard right into my hands. In an instant, I was transported to that particular ‘once upon a time in Kamakura’. We’d had a whole day of seeing all the sights that every tourist comes to see and  a whole lot more besides, with a little one in tow. I’d had my yakitori swiped from my fingers by a hungry kite – of the bird of prey kind, found the most delightful of stationery shops (I must tell you all about soon), dined in the most homely of eateries before exhausted, we headed for a carpark beside the ocean for scenic sweet refreshments before we faced the journey back to Tokyo.

A carpark is neither the most obvious nor most celebrated place to position a café/bar but the Pacific Drive-in in Kamakura made it seem just like the best idea, somehow!

I like Kamakura a lot. So much more laid back than Tokyo, yet not far from the thick of it. It has a reputation for growing exceptional vegetables, the farmer’s markets can testify to this. There’s less hustle and bustle. Surfers flock to the beach before and after work. People of all ages head towards the sea to watch the sun set and being at the Pacific Drive-In with its easy good vibes and fluffy pancakes was the perfect way to say “bye for now, Kamakura”.

Kamakura, we will be back to chill with you, again and again.

Pacific Drive-In:

Japan, 〒248-0025 Kanagawa Prefecture, Kamakura, Shichirigahamahigashi, 2丁目1−12

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