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On the day that we decided to trek through the sand dunes, there was a sandstorm. We were right in the eye of it, which is probably why we mistook the storm for sea mist. Meanwhile, planes were grounded and flights diverted.


It’s not until I found myself entirely surrounded by the undulating sand dunes on Boa Vista in Cape Verde that I truly noticed the powerful effect sand can have over my perception. What an unexpectedly rapturous experience. And as a result, I’ll probably never dismiss the sabulous stuff with the same indifference that I would have before our frolic through dunes.

Shifting sands of such volume have an extraordinary effect on the eyes. Sand relents to the whim of the wind, moving in hypnotic patterns.  It plays with our eyes confusing our perspective. And when the sun decides to play too, it casts a magical display of floating shadows.

Travel Notes:
Boa Vista is one of the 10 islands that make up Cape Verde’s archipelago. It is the third biggest island and lies closest to the African mainland a mere 450km off the coast of Senegal.