Instagram seems to be evolving so fast these days. I’m kinda loosing touch with what’s going on in its fast lane. I have no idea what people are talking about when they say things like; “engagement”, “algorithms” and “influencers”. Truth be told, I don’t care. 

Instagram started of as a bit of fun for me. I then accidentally got lost in a hashtag jungle and discovered, much to me heart’s content a bunch of people who also saw the world through it’s details and creativity. I found accounts free of selfies, fast fashion, momentary trends and who’s pictures didn’t feature dozens of branded tags. 

Hashtags have their limits

Hashtags are how I meander my way through Instagram in my journey to connect with other observers and appreciators of the overlooked details in everyday life. But as with Instagram swells in popularity  and money making angles, hashtags tire and my time is increasingly spread thin across other priorities, it is harder to find those golden nugget accounts that make me catch my breath at their perspectives. It’s like sifting through a mountain of books for that rare overlooked gem you’ve been hoping to find. Or flicking through aisles of records to find that misplaced bit of amazing that hasn’t ever made it to the top of the pile. What I’m trying to say – rather badly, is that a lot of good stuff gets lost in the abundance of pictures floating around in the Instagram universe. After all – not everyone is specific about their hash tagging and Instagram does weird secret banning things. 

More than just for editing 

This is where VSCO get’s my thumbs up. In a nutshell, their newsletter, VSCO Issue and their Journal’s archive offer real stimulus for inspiration. And more pertinent to this blog post, VSCO opens new paths for me to explore on Instagram by finding the creatives they highlight on Instagram and looking into the hashtags that they use.

A lot of VSCO users also have instagram accounts, many of them are flying under radar on Instagram for one reason or another (perhaps its because Instagram have different visual inclinations to the VSCO crowd).  It could just be me and my preferences- so don’t go quoting me, BUT from my point of view – VSCO users impart a more sensitive and artistic air in their digital photography. I feel  that this is a place for observers of life and spurring creatives. Even the selfies seem to be more creative. 

Last week, something cool happened on VSCO. I use VSCO to edit my iPhone pics but I don’t publish all my pics here as, quite honestly I keep forgetting to and more often than not, run out of time everyday. So I was a bit surprised why my phone suddenly began buzzing with new follower alerts on VSCO. Turns out that one of my pictures was curated to VSCO SELECTS which in their words is a “showcase of exceptional content from around the globe”. To be honest – I have no idea what this really means. I’m yet to figure out the whole VSCO thing. I just publish pictures and kind forget it. 

But, I have to admit, it felt good to get a little recognition and encouragement on a platform that I regularly look to for inspiration and schooling. You can take a look at my mention here.

IN SHORT. I Like VSCO because:

  • I like the camera 
  • I using it to edit pics before I post them to Instagram or here
  • They have an inspiring newsletter and journal archive
  • I use it to find and follow amazing people on Instagram
  • I would like to be able to use the platform properly. One day.

Do you publish pics on VSCO? What are your thoughts on it. Got any tips? I’m awakes grateful for the learning.


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