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There I was mooching around Cotogoto in Koenji, Tokyo. I’d spent months and and months adoring their Instagram account, I had a mental list of things I wanted to check out… and now that I was finally right there, I was a bit overwhelmed.

Cotogoto is a small but conscientiously curated homewares shop. The sort of place that if you aren’t really that into the provenance, simplicity and minutiae of the objects that you choose to introduce into your home, well, you’d most probably scoot around the shop and right out again in under 15 minutes.

However, if you are more like us, then it’s a very lovely place to be indeed.

But. Like I said at the start. I was a bit overwhelmed by every tiny little thing in the tiny little shop.

Then, my eyes settled on this espresso cup. I held it. It felt right. I wasn’t going to leave without it.  And here it is, back with me in London. Charming me everytime I look at it.

I’ve decided that It’s the colour of sea mist with a hint of storm clouds swirled in. And there’s definitely some milky fog and duck egg in there too. It’s just so lovely. And truly lovely things make you stop for a moment to regard them and remember something about their story – no matter how long they’ve accompanied you in your day to dayness.






Embroidery is something I’m working on for STRANGER LONDON SHOP.
The nippers are another treasured item of mine. You can read my story about them  HERE

It is made by Yumiko Iihoshi, a potter, creating beautifully tactile  hand crafted ceramics from her studio in Tokyo.

“It is my ideal to make pieces that are infused with nostalgia.
Inspiring people to reflect and reminisce about time gone by….”

Yumiko’s maintains that her handmade line is not overly stylised, but is made with function and purity in mind. Her goal is to create a range of pieces that stand on the boundary between handmade and conventional goods.

Each piece of Yumiko Iihoshi porcelain is meant for everyday use and will get better with age.

| Links for the curious |

Yumiko Iihoshi’s website (English)

Cotogoto Shop Japan Website

If you are looking to buy some of Yumiko Iihoshi’s porcelain here in UK, look here.

Yumiko happens to be having an exhibition in Marylebone till mid November 2017