Magic Mundane | Pavement Patois

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help wondering what all these doodles that we stomp all over are about. These psychedelic doodles that appear on our pavements like cryptic modern hieroglyphs.

Thanks to Bloomzy, Jack Spicer Adams and the BBC, I’ve learned that these markings are the work of surveyors, utility and construction companies. A sort of “pavement patois” that helps to navigate the unseen convolution of  pipes, cables and other stuff that lie beneath. From what I’ve gleaned off the internet and talking to friendly locating company staff:

Red = Electrical cables.
Blue = Water mains
Yellow = Gas
Green = Communications
White = Misc notes

For a colour obsessed observer like me, this is really interesting stuff and as weird as it may sound, I’d like to be able to read a bit of pavement squiggle. 

So if you by chance, spot me stood transfixed, staring at the pavement, scratching my head, please DO ask me what I am doing! I cannot wait for the opportunity to say; “Sorry, can’t chat right now. I’m very busy reading the pavement”.