She Wears These Shoes On The Sea Shore

I’m just about to pack my Birkenstock Arizona EVA sandals away till my feet feel the heat of the sun again. 

But before I deposit them, along with the rest of my summer clothes into cedar block infused storage, I have to tell you that they were absolutely one of my best summer spends this year. I bought them with beachy intentions and because I figured that the pricier original cork versions wouldn’t handle seawater, pebble and sand escapades as well.

I done good!

They’ve gone from beaches in Spain to beaches in Japan and even handled stomps around London without looking too shabby at the end of it all.

Alas, summer is done and autumn is no time for sandals, so these are getting a good clean before packed away along with my summer clothes till whenever the warm weather makes and appearance next year.

I bagged a bargain and bought them for £19.00 on ASOS during a sale – if you spot them in a clearance sale now – do yourself a favour and grab them for the next round of sun (fingers crossed).