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Growing a beautiful Instagram account with integrity is a hot topic these days. The demand for immediate results has created far too many conniving ways to cheat the system and hoards of unsuspecting users at a quick click. But I am not here to sink my teeth into the dirty bits of it. I am here to celebrate the bits that suck me in, spin me around and spit me back out with a desire to push my own photographic boundaries. 

I’m not dizzy with ambition. I neither want to take pristine photo-school perfect images nor do I feel like I should invest my time in learning to use a beast of a camera. I know my limits.  I’ll stick with my phone. I’ll stay sole deep on chewing gum stained pavements. Eyes hungry for that overlooked perspective. Neck strained for that glimpse of everyday magic. Reflexes ready to jump off the bus in a heartbeat (toddler too) to capture sights from street level. 

Like those birds in the old saying, I am attracted to the feathers of similarity. And that applies to what I find on Instagram. It’s such an interesting place to get lost and found. While plenty of people lament the portrayal of unrealistic lifestyles and feelings of inadequacy, I’ve for the most part, found inspiration and vibes that I think  can positively bolster and inspire new facets to my style. Here are a handful of accounts that are moving me right now:


“Agoraphobia & anxiety limit my ability to travel, so I’ve found another way to see the world – #GoogleStreetView. Welcome to #AgoraphobicTraveller.”

Yes these pics come from adventures on Google Street View! I appreciate the skill, the time, the eye and originality. Knowing about the anxiety and agoraphobia of the Instagrammer just adds a gloss of emotion to it all, for me.


“A simple take on the places I get to travel to. Minimal | Design | Architecture.

Clean, very polished, vivid and full of geometric shapes. Training for my eyes.



I love staring at weird plants that either look a bit dead or like petrified fantastical creatures.  I have entire conversations with such plants – quietly, in my head. 


Velma is one half of 2manysiblings. I like her style. I like their blog. It rattles the cage around my heart. They are from Nairobi – my birth place. Her visuals are so relevant in conveying an alternative to the negative sights the media portray of Africa.