| Table Top | My Winter Essentials

Sorry for the silence friends. I’ve been battling the flu, whilst battling teething pains with our little one, whilst chasing away them winter-induced blues that make me want to hide till the sun grows a little warmer and shines a little longer. 

Till then, here are a few things that I consider to be essential lately.

|  The beanie | 
Staying warm is a priority and everyone knows that you loose loadsa heat from your head which is why I love my beanies at this time of year. Norse Projects’ Top Beanie is made using lambswool from UK and knitted in Portugal.

| The socks |
Because I hate it when my feet feel cold, I always have cosy socks to see me through chilly times. This pair are from one of our favourite shops in Tokyo. If you are heading to Tokyo and find yourself in Daikanyama – don’t leave without popping in!

| The hand soap | 
I wash my hands a hundred times a day – at least. I mix mum life with making and everything in between so I get properly OCD about clean hands. Many hand soaps are too harsh but Meraki do some nice gentle ones that aren’t so potently fragranced that they make my kid sneeze!

| O-nigiri calendar | 
So I can count down to Spring away from a screen. I bought this in Kamakura. The shop that I found it in was soooooo cute!

| The lip balm |
My mum in law uses this, Hiro uses this, it’s a proper family staple.

| The boiled sweets |
I couldn’t have survived my recent bout of laryngitis without these throat soothing sweets. Two flavours that I am partial too, Japanese salted plum and acerola.

| The Cactus |
Plants up the sense of wellbeing in a home. It is true. This particular cactus came from PRICK.

| The gold tin |
This is a tin of Hada Labo’s Gokujyun Premium Oil Jelly and I cannot be without it in winter. I bought it in Japan after reading Nicole’s blog post about it: http://thebeautymaniacintokyo.blogspot.co.uk/2015/10/hada-labo-gokujyun-premium-oil-jelly.html