| Plants | Roots + Water

“I take care when I water my plants.”


When you manage not to kill your houseplants, you get a lovely happy feeling inside that does mini fist-pumps and happy dances all at the same time. 

When those same plants not only survive, but thrive through your moments of neglect and over-attention and then start sprouting babies – well that’s just next-level blinky heart eyes glee right there! This is not just crazy-plant-lady talk. Trust me.

My kitchen window has become quite a nursery of cuttings. It’s teeming with planty little ‘uns, their little roots treading water, and catching light. I like to watch the magic of their growth as I do the washing up (there is always so much washing up here). 

I collect/repurpose all types of vessels for my plant babies. Bottles, lab flasks and even a few victorian bulb vases.

Of course, I cannot keep them in water forever. I will pot them up soon. And here is the BEST bit of this tale….I will give them away to other plant lovers that I know. How amazing is that!? I can’t think of a lovelier, more heartfelt way to share plants.

How I take cuttings:

I save the trimmings left over from pruning some of my trailing plants. I trim off a section of leaves on the end that I plan to stick into water and then just put it into a glass vessel.

I take cuttings from my Spider Plants and Pilea Peperomioides as they are the ones that most often have babies. I carefully cute them free at their base using a sharp knife and place them into water.