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Remember how blogging used to be before it became a spinning reeling money making machine?

Remember when bloggers would blog for the love of blogging? For the passion of sharing sights and stories that moved us in someway.

Maybe I have rose-tinted the shit out of my blogging memories. Maybe? Maybe I am naive? Maybe, this happy-flappy blogging dreamland never quite existed outside of my personal experience. Either way, the very idea of it has inspired me to share a few sights that have brought a smile/satisfaction/warmth to my heart recently:

Seen in Spitalfields, Bishop’s Square to be more precise.

Slightly surreal. Good luck in your strange home little fishes!

Seen in Hackney Wick.

Seen in Shoreditch. Unexpectedly magical.

Seen in my Aunt’s house. The most amazing collection of Moomin Mugs I’ve ever seen.

Seen in my Aunt’s garden. 
Seen on the way to the sea, on one of the most curious adventures we’ve had in UK yet. 

Seen in Victoria Park. Blinding!

Seen in the loos at Kew. 

Seen  on the nicer side of Broadway Market

Seen at home.

P.S. I have no problem with any bloggers who get paid for what they do. Good for you! You make your money – we all have to eat and pay bills. 

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