| Photo Diary | Red Moss

Before we went to Finland, I had no clue that there was such a thing as red moss. I also had no clue that the Finnish have a proper rug washing tradition that in rural areas involves super eco-friendly natural detergents, enormous mangles and stunning lakeside locations. I also didn’t know the difference between a massive pond and lake of any size – actually, I still don’t!

One morning, my sister, Hiro, our boy and I went for a walk in the woods. Just like in those tales of old, we took off without a care in the world. Foolhardy in our ways, we sauntered down one path, and veered into another. Soon enough, it dawned on us that we hadn’t a a clue which way we had come, nor which way we should go. We hadn’t been walking very far so we assumed that we would find our way back home with ease. But. Just in case. Just like in those tales of old, we stacked stones in little piles to mark our way. It didn’t stop us from getting lost. Our phones, didn’t work. We were hungry and slightly, only slightly concerned.  The baby however, was fast asleep.








We did make it back home, of course. Curiously, though it felt like we were in the forest for hours, we weren’t gone for half as long as we thought.

Oh, and another thing about the red moss!  It is really spongey, and if you stand on it too long – you sink into it.