| Plants | Oxalis Triangularis Care Tips

I love it when people ask me what this plant is. Love it love it love it. Because, I get to say that it is an “Oxalis triangularis” or, more honestly,  “Oxaaaah-lis Triangulaaar-is”. To me at least, it sounds like a spell that Hermione Granger might have cast. So, in my head, I flick my imaginary wand each time I say it and proceed to smile like the Cheshire Cat.

I bought a little pot of this from magical plenty-wonderland that is The Conservatory Archives back in March. Since then, it has really gone for it and we currently have clusters of glorious rich purple foliage frolicking away in many corners of our home. 


I am no plant expert and truth be told, I feel a bit sheepish dishing out tips but it it nice to share and learn together isn’t it? So here are my tips on how I got my Oxalis triangularis to thrive:

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