| Photo Diary | Boisterous City

There is a side of Hong Kong that is consciously curated. There you will find the sort of places that attract the coffee shop Instagram crews. The sort of cut and paste places that you can find in just about any big city in the world now. The sort of places that deliberately try to look cool, might serve a great espresso alongside organic treats with gluten free, activated unicorn tears, but when you think about it, these places, as well intending as they may be,  actually tell you very little about reality of a city.

Hong Kong is a boisterous city with a complex past and social present. It is a perpendicular maelstrom of human activity, ceaseless in its vitality and intensity and this is depicted so well in the Sham Sui Po area.









High-rises regimental in their structure and rhythmic geometry are softened by washing lines and animated by a barrage of signage. Gestures of domesticity and enterprise bring visual delights to visitors. The textures and colours of buildings nearing the end of their lives clash against the cold faceless concrete towers that are closing in. All these stories are apparent from where I stood, under a  bridge where a homeless community had meticulously stack their belongings to return to when night falls.

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