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I don’t know much about the science and methods of old photography but,  I envision that it was an entirely different experience to what we have now. There must have been more in the way of precision, patience and photographic understanding involved in taking photos and a whole lot of wonder in the viewing of them. Imagine seeing a photo of something for the very 1st time – must seemed like magic.

I suppose that might be part of the reason as to why, in these days of point and shoot digital cameras, smartphones and Instagram, I’ve grown increasingly interested in old photographs. They evoke a lapsed sense of wonder in the art. I especially like old photos with an added pinch of magic in their subject matter. These astronomical snapshots are my current photo fixations. They are part of a collection found on Luminous-Lint, most are taken in 1911 by “an unidentified English amateur astronomer and photographer”.  I think I like the annotations, though I know not what they mean, just as much as I do the pictures!

Photo credit: Luminous-Lint

Luminous-Lint is a splendid place to loose track of time.  If you’ve not come across it before, it is essentially a photography website with an enormous collection of vintage and contemporary images. The vintage images are especially delightful and intriguing!

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