Mama Moments I


At the end of every single day, I promise myself that TOMORROW I will get more done than I did today.

I WILL blog. 

I WILL complete some of the almost finished things that I am working on for my little shop. 

I WILL work through that growing hill of paperwork. 

I WILL email/text/ring/write to (FILL IN NAME OF CHERISHED PATIENT FRIEND HERE) just to remind them that I do think of them and I do miss them.

Then there is the home stuff that needs seeing to – the pile of “hand wash only” garments that I am hiding in the back of my wardrobe. The cupboards that need rearranging. The ironing, the deep cleaning, the repotting……


MOST of things things can wait. As important as they are to me and as much as I want to spend time on them, my little explorer is now walking and flexing his curiosity. These moments of watching him as he discovers new things everyday are pure magic. I stay close as he waddles, wobbles, stumbles and stomps his way around and I realise that this is time I will never get back again. So, I’ve made up my mind that this is the time to steep in the moment and imprint it into my heart because once the moment rushes by – what I have taken in is all that I will have left.

Then, I gaze at all the things waiting my attention and I remind myself that small progress, is still progress.