Fancy That 1

Whilst browsing, wishing, adding things onto my list of things I would like to have or check out, I came across these:

Stamps – always useful and even better when they look this good. This particularly handsome set commemorates not only 40 years since Agatha Christie’s death, but also the centenary of her penning her first crime novel.

Tray – trays are always put to good use in our home. Artek’s combine function and style in their Siena plywood trays. The print is taken from Alvar Aalto’s 1954 architectural print and I am kicking myself for not buying one when we were in Finland and in the actual Artek shop. Silly, silly me.

Socks – I am partial to a pair of Bonne Maison socks. Their new collection is a bit splendid and I really like the ‘Domino’ pairs. 

Paints – Lamy who are more famous for their pens also do watercolour – though not many people talk about it. The Lamy Aquaplus  won the IF product design award in 2011 and I fancy trying it out. 

Pencils – Yes, I know I have about 100 pencils. Yes. I. Know. But none of them shed sharpening in the shape of cherry blossoms petals! Need.