| Explore | Abandoned Saunas

When we were in Finland, we learned that some people build summer houses complete with a sauna by one of the country’s many many lakes. If there is not enough money for a house, then just a sauna will do! The countryside has scatterings of little wooden huts.  Some looked abandoned but were not – they were just awaiting the return of the summer when their owners owners would rekindle their fires. Some however, were very definitely abandoned.


Thinking back, I wish I took more time to take photos of the many abandoned saunas we saw one particularly sunny afternoon. Then I remember that we were distracted buy something altogether more intriguing. But that my friends, is a story to chill you with on another day.

P.S. I’d wager that the number of abandoned or neglected saunas dwindling across the Nordic countries is plentiful. What an interesting project it would make to traverse these lake filled places investigating and photographing these subjects. Ah! Perhaps we will do that one day.