Where To Buy Plants in East London

It begun when I started using Snapchat. 

My enthusiasm for the app took over my actual ability to use it and I happily share little moments of our days never expecting anyone to bat an eyelid. 

Suddenly, I started to get little messages asking where a certain snap was taken. It progressed to requests for suggestions for places to visit, shop and explore. As a mum of a little nipper who  attacks my laptop as soon as it is in sight, I don’t get much time to get back to everyone individually so I thought I would put up some of these little guides on the blog for everyone interested.

Conservatory Archives
Hackney Road, E2 9ED.

I fell in love with Conservatory Archives the very moment I set foot through the door. It’s more than just a plant shop – it’s a labour of love and a magical kingdom where plants steal people’s hearts. It is on the expensive side, but then again just look at it – this is no ordinary plant shop! I wrote about it previously HERE

5 Chatsworth Road, E5 0LH

Botany Shop is another special plant shop for me and one that I wouldn’t hesitate to anyone.  I wrote about it previously HERE

Geo Fleur E20
Geo Fleur
15-19 Penny Brooks Street, E20 1DA

I have followed Geo Fleur from internet to market stall and then to their new digs just up the road from us in East Village. I have been told that they will not be at this premises for too long – they will be moving into the East Village Market when the space is ready for them. Geo Fleur have a fabulous collection of plants at much fairer prices than most. I have bought a couple of my Xeographicas from here, both were lovely plants. Definitely the best place to buy these if you are looking for one!

Grace & Thorn Hackney

Grace & Thorn
338 Hackney Road E2 7AX

Hackney Road could well be on its way to becoming a plant seeker’s paradise of sorts. Not one, but TWO of my stand out favourite plant haunts beckon to me along this once humdrum stretch of road. Grace & Thorn offers fresh flowers alongside growing plants and an ace selection of plant pots, hangers and candles too. This is where I bought my beloved Pilea Peperomioides and also where my eyes were transfixed by the biggest terrarium I’ve ever seen!

12 Broadway Market Mews, E8 4TS

Are coffee and plant pairings are thing these days? I’m spotting a welcome rise in the combination lately. The latest establishment that caught my eye and had me reaching for my pennies is TWIG just off the main thoroughfare in Broadway Market. The most friendliest of people seem to work here. All those good vibes seem to rub on on their plants too because they seem in tip top form.

The Green Room Café.

The Green Room Café.
113 Stoke Newington Church Street, London N16 0UD

The Green Room Café in Stokey, is part florist, part plant shop with space to sit and watch the world go by. They hire out their venue for private events which is ever so appealing.

Larkspur & Lavender
Larkspur & Lavender
211 Victoria Park Rd, London E9 7JN

I am not a big fan of Victoria Park Village in Hackney BUT I do so like to pop into Larkspur & Lavender before rushing back to the other side of the park. I also like that they are doing away with all the subdued pastels and monotone pots and going for something lively and vibrant alongside the seemingly compulsory concrete planters scattered across the house plant world these days.

The Earl of East London
Netil Market, 13- 23 Westgate St, London E8 3RL

The Earl of East London is a lifestyle brand perhaps best known for their olfactory pleasing candles, but they also have a lovely selection of plants. Find them in the corner of Netil Market.

Nook Shop


Nook is an interiors and lifestyle goods shop with a penchant for design and plants, of course! They usually have a tidy supply of hard to kill plants and host terrarium workshops too.

Flower Warehouse 

Flower Warehouse
519-523 Cambridge Heath Rd, E2 9BU

Walking off the more often than not dusty Cambridge Heath Road and into the Flower Warehouse is like stepping into a jungle alternate dimension. Alongside their floristry, are some spectacular cacti at spectacular prices for the connoisseurs, as well as some great deals on less rare covetable plants.  I’ve never seen so many pitcher plants in a shop nor such vibrant and healthy looking spider plants.

The Peanut Vendor
6 Gunmakers Lane E3 5GG

The Peanut Vendor has more to offer than foliage. It is primarily a vintage furniture emporium specialising in early to late 20th century pieces. I wrote about them previously HERE

Olive Loves Alfie East

Olive Loves Alfie East
6 Victory Parade, E20 1FS

Olive Loves Alfie can be found in London’s newest postcode, E20. While their main focus is on family lifestyle goodies, they have some eye-catching plants vying for my attention each time I visit or just walk passed – eyes firmly on their awesome displays.

Growing Concerns
2 Wick Lane, E3 2NA

Growing Concerns is a proper gardening centre that not only sells desirable houseplants, but herbs, tools, seeds and everything that you would need to help maintain healthy plants. I love living near this place.


Rebel Rebel
64-66 Brooksby Walk E9 6DA

Rebel Rebel are known for their unusual and spectacular bouquets and they never fail to impress with the flowers they have available on any given day. Recently, their potted plants have begun to really beckon to me too.

N1 Garden Centre

N1 Garden Centre
25 Englefield Road
London N1 4EU

The N1 Garden Centre sits in a former derelict button factory and is quite the luscious oasis of greenery. With just as much knowledgable substance to match the stylish post and plants it sells and a focus on urban gardening – it is pretty much a 1 stop shop for all your London green thumb needs. It can be found just a short walk from central Dalston. 

Columbia Road Flower Market. No list is complete without this old firm favourite. Always popular with Londoners, it now pulls in tourists too (with their suitcases – annoyingly). The best deals on most of your houseplant desires can be had here – you just have to battle your way through the crowds, protecting your leafy finds as you go! It has to be done! Our tip is to go towards mid-afternoon when the market is winding down, the deals are even better and there is a better chance of getting away unscathed.