| Night Lights | Yick Fat Sights

Once upon a time, Kowloon’s Walled City imposed itself on Hong Kong’s skyline. A fascinating vertical and pretty much lawless slum that blighted daylight and enclosed a host of dubious activities. It was eventually decanted and demolished and today a park remains where it once stood.

The Yick Fat building is reminiscent of the Walled City without the controversy and illegality. Dense, steep and vertiginous. It is on all accounts, a sight to behold.

Hiro managed to visit the area one night. The skyward views are staggering.



Hiro says;

“I really like seeing the random patterns of occupancy in these residential towers. The Yick Fat building is like nothing I’ve seen before. I wish I had the chance to revisit by daylight”.

| How to find The Yick Fat Building |

Find Yau Man Street and head down the alley towards Quarry Bay Street.

| Links For The Curious |

Fascinating film on YouTube documenting Kowloon’s Wall City. 

What the Yick Fat Building looks like by day.