Collecting Colour, Pattern + Texture.

This fascination I’ve developed for colours, patterns and textures has become a strange sort of mania and it has altered how I see and engage with my surroundings, mundane or not. These days, it is second nature to stop and take photo of things that have most people scratching their heads over as they watch me snap away in awe.

I am obsessed, more than obsessed with colours, patterns and textures that appear in my everyday life. 

Corrugated shutters just the right degree of rusty….

THAT sun bleached fence against THAT crumbling wall….

The happy accidental geometric shapes a shadow casts…..

The almost perfect greenish-bluish-greyish door…… 


Walking anywhere with me must be such a trial. Eyes scanning, taking in everything, camera twitching, always playing catch up because certain details are far too irresistible to leave un-captured (they might get ‘fixed’ or removed by the next day!). 

The trouble, (if you wish to call it one), is that once your mind and eyes train themselves to enjoy these often overlooked details….Something magical happens. A connection is made and you just won’t stop finding the wonder in the seemingly banal and mundane.

Which is why I find myself with a ginormous, albeit disorganised archive of images. Some find their way onto Instagram where they catch the attention of fellow colour, texture, pattern obsessives. This would explain the influx of requests we receive from design/art students and the occasional studio to use images. We never mind. We like being asked. So long as we are credited – it’s all good!

Most of my collection just gets lost on my hard-drive. I thought about putting them on the blog and while I may do this ocassionally, the archive is so huge that I am certain it would become tiresome for people less into this kind of preoccupation. Then I came across the hugely inspiring PATTERNITY whose manifesto reverberated across my pounding heart:

“Patterns are something we come across every day. 

We wear them, we walk over them, we even eat, drink and think them – we always have and we always will – but it’s unlikely they demand too much of our attention…

At the heart of everything we do at PATTERNITY lies several fundamental thoughts:

  • Can the way we look at the smaller details enhance our understanding of the bigger picture?
  • If we visualise the unseen, can it drive forward innovation?
  • Does being more mindful make us happier and healthier?
  • Can challenging our perception of the everyday positively affect the world around us?”

Apply the manifesto to colour and texture and….I can no longer feel satisfied with decanting my photos into a sightless void. So I’ve spruced up my abandoned TUMBLR and have dedicated it to my obsession. 

I am doing this mainly for my own satisfaction.  When I imagine a digital catalogue of all my collected images neatly labeled so I can flit from one theme to another – well I get all giddy with smiles. That said, I would be just as happy if it became a resource of inspiration and curiosity to others. I hope that it might serve as a nudge to mindfulness which encourages change in the way we see things. Because by sharpening our awareness of the vast details in our everyday surroundings, we can only enrich our lives on so many levels.

You can access my TUMBLR from the menu just below the homepage or here: WORSHIPBLUES’ COLOUR, PATTERN & TEXTURE REPOSITORY 

Thank you so much for looking!