| Style Notes | Bigger Please?

My search for timeless well made apparel has reached the point where I openly admit that I want to wear children’s clothes. 

I am noticing an increasing amount of garments that I wish to high heaven they came in bigger sizes so I could wear them!

Doubtful? Dubious? Think I’ve spent too long in the sun? 

Look at these. Just look at them!

Alcala Blouse by Motoreta
Aguadulce Dress by Motoreta
Meme Kidswear 
Meme Kidswear
Tiny Cottons
Wolf + Rita

See what I mean now? 

The other thing that I’ve noticed is that many of the independent kids clothes brands out there really up the game with their standards and quality of design and finishing. Fine, tactile, robust and often ethically sourced fabrics are used. The results are tangible and their quality would both shame many adult brands and encourage real care in handling and maintaining the garments. Sure, you won’t put your kids in these to go for a rampage through mud. Yes, they are more expensive too, but if this helps teach the value of quality over quantity and the benefits of caring for what we own, then it could be worth the extra pounds.

Anyway, I‘ve gone off on a tangent haven’t I? 

I am off to try and find a device that will transform these clothes into my size.

be back soon.