| Style Notes | Veritecoeur

It has been so encouraging to hear from other people who share my views on style superseding fashion. I like hearing that other people feel the allure of a more timeless appeal in both wearable style and living style too!

It occurred to me that longevity is an important virtue in clothes for me. Longevity that is not just about how long they will last physically, but it is also to do with how long they will continue to appeal to me as I get older. There are brands out there that do demonstrate this concept really well.  For example, COS and EGG manage to cross the age borders seamlessly. They both create garments that can be worn by and appeal to women across generations and there is something so affirming about that.

With the warmth of these thoughts still fresh in my heart, I thought I would tell you all about another of my favourite clothing brands that typifies my style preferences. Meet Veritecoeur! Sadly my fondness for Veritecoeur and all their lovely, lovely garments is for the moment, from afar and is fuelled solely through me stalking their Instagram account! I do so like their styling that often incorporates items from other brands. They have a masterly way of layering clothes and a playful way of presenting them.

I have no doubt that I will be heading to their shop in Fukuoka when we are next in Japan – till then, I much saving to be done!

| Links for the curious |

Veritecoeur shop (in Japanese)
Veritecoeur Instagram – definitely worth stalking!