| Photo Diary | Beneath the Kaleidoscope

When I think of when we were last in Kyoto, a kaleidoscopic ceiling shifts to the forefront of my mind. In all honesty, as beautiful and as culturally rich as Kyoto is, I can completely understand people getting “templed-out” after a while. There are so many temples. All beautiful. All fascinating. But soon many. 

Most of my best ideas begin as a rumbling from my belly so with that in mind, I would recommend that you skedaddle down town and find yourself in the wonderful Nishiki market. 

Mainly a food market, it has been running for over 400 years and it is as rich in history as it is in flavour. If you love traditional Japanese food, or want to learn more about it – this place must not be missed.

Almost every shop offers small tasters for visitors to delight their tastebuds with (this is common practice in Japan) and it is a culinary education even for Japanese. Kyoto’s regional cuisine is exceptional and varies greatly from that of any other part of Japan. 

My recommendation is that you try everything that you can, but do take an least one onigiri (rice ball) with you. Homemade onigiri is always the best but as far as remade ones go – the best I’ve had came from here!

| For the curious |

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