| Ideas | Why Lab Beakers are Brilliant

About a year ago, I bought a set of borosilicate lab vessels from a local charity shop. It was a £3.00 impulse buy and at that time, I had no idea what I was going to do with them.

>>>>>>Fast forward to now, and I think they are jolly useful things to have. Why? Well…..

1. They have that clean, simple and honest look that is just so appealing.

2. They are non-porous which makes them hygienic, easy to get really clean and they don’t retain any funky smells or residues.

3. They are champs at handling extreme heat and cold.

4. They are super-duper versatile.

5. They don’t cost much.

Off the top of my head, here’s how I’ve been putting my borosilicate vessels to use at home:

1. Beakers make good planters. They work well with ferns as mentioned previously HERE.

2. Beakers also make good pen/pencil pots and just as good storage containers for bathroom bits.

3. Conical flasks are great as vases. They also make good drinks flasks and are ace for mixing and pouring salad dressings.

4. Lab ware is generally super useful in the kitchen for measuring, mixing, storing, drinking etc.

I’m sure that there is more use and fun to be had from these clever things. I’ve seen conical flasks used as terrariums and I may try my hand at pouring scented candles into beakers at some point a bit like THIS. But why stop at beakers? Labs use a whole range of weird and wonderful shaped goods just wait to be reinterpreted in our homes.

Lab equipment can be found on eBay at a reasonable cost. There are various shops selling domestic interpretations though they tend to charge a bit more. Keeping at eye in your local charity shops is a good idea too!