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If you find yourself near Old Street roundabout, keep your eyes peeled for dancing rainbows. It’s not  another Hipster thing to do, I promise! The dancing rainbows are the conjurings of The Ommatidium. ‘The Ommmamamamama whaaaa?’, I hear you ask! The Ommatidium is a 4.5 metre tall installation comprising of 1,500 crystal prisms that scatter thousands of little rainbows across the manky pavement by day. It caused our little boy to squeal with delight as we walked passed  so I had to double back. No way was he going to revel in a curiosity without me!

The Ommatidium is the sparkling work of industrial designer Samuel Wilkinson and neuroscientist Beau Lotto and you can read more about the technicalities of it, including how it engages with an app, HERE. For us though, enjoying a little jig under a myriad of little rainbows in broad daylight in a busy street is enough. This must be what it feels like to be in a kaleidoscope! Perfect.