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Since London is generally a colossal building site these days, so much so that upholding walls have become a mundane sight in all corners of the city. Most are tedious. Some have taken the opportunity to cash in on extra advertising space. A few have been a little more community minded and tapped into some of the city’s talented artists – a true wealth in our opinion.

A mightily fine example of this just happens to be on our doorstep. This is the incredible work of Mark McClure. In a nutshell it is a 210 metre long wooden mosaic that stretches a colourful boundary around the Olympic Park. It features 10 key panels of eye pleasing colour and is created from wood reclaimed from the park and its locality.

The kid and I LOVE the colourful tessellations. What gets me the most however,  is the detail and the amount of work that has clearly gone into this massive work – I am in  awe of the sheer by accomplishment of it. 

I enjoy witnessing how the mural weathers and alters with time, climate and general London life. I wonder what will happen to it after the the works are completed. Perhaps I will ask him –  found him on Instagram!

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