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“The most important things for human beings are clean air and clean water.” 
― Akira KurosawaYume

When we are not loitering through the housing estates of inner city London, we are often pursuing a greener shade of vitality. 

There is never enough open, green, uncrowded space in London. Never.  Yet, London is greener than it seems. East London is more verdant than many believe. London is good at surprises and secrets and  I like that about it. 

This Sunday just gone, the little boy had a snooze in a mini meadow, in the shade of some trees, which were in turn in the shade of a tower block. He woke looked up at the tower block and had a little giggle to himself. 

We walked on, skirting by an East London housing estate, affectionately known as the Poppy Estate and strolled beside the Lea beside Hackney Marshes. The marshes are smaller these days but it still is the centre of Sunday league footie. I think 82 football pitches, full sized ones are marked out on the Marsh – there used to be more but the 2012 Olympics took some of the land. 

On we plodded, past the Wick Woodlands where we were met with silent swaying crowds of cow parsley.  I couldn’t help myself. 

Socks off.

Shoes off.

Toes sinking into cool, bouncy fresh grass.

It felt so good.