| Thoughts | Grow Slow

Our boy turned 1 last week!

He was not as conscious of this milestone as we were, though I suspect that he intuitively understood more than we think. He’s at that age when all sorts of big changes are imminent. Walking being the main one.  Perhaps it is the great sense of anticipation that goes along with such a turning point that tends to make some mums a little crazy competitive. 

It bugs me. It really bothers me. But I let it slide. Every comment, every look, every whiff of it…I just let it slide. Here’s why.

  • Comparison is a thief of happiness. It haunts and it taunts and it breaks. So I’d be dammed if I set my kid on this gloomy path. 

  • Life is a big fat constant competition to many people and while it can work to push some to success in their personal endeavours, it’s just not our style. We only compete with ourselves to be better versions of ourselves because we are not living for the approval of others, just the approval of ourselves.

  • Grow slow. What is the rush? I am wallowing in every moment of his growing. I am loving EVERY SECOND of it. I am not going to rush him into anything. Instead I whisper to him and, myself if I am completely honest….

Take your time little man. 

Grow slow. Grow steady. Grow strong. Grow brave. 

It takes courage to do things the long slow way.

Grow slow. Grow steady. Grow strong. Grow brave.