If there is one brand that I have not ceased fawning over since I discovered it in 2012 (I remember it clearly. It was like a bolt of lightening), it is Egg. Egg has a loyal following and remains deeply influential to many a fashion designer.

For me, Egg scrambled my interpretation of personal style and was a catalyst to my view on ‘style over fashion’. Fashion is a word that I increasingly dislike using when I talk about the clothes that I like to wear. The fast, loose, disposable nature of the industry leaves a sour aftertaste in my mind. I’ve learned to prefer the word ‘style’. I prefer it because it gives credit to individual choices, taste and creativity interpreted into a sense of dress. I like it because it transcends the whirling, churning fashion machine. It chucks a spanner in its works that whispers…..I am me. I am not what you try to fashion me into.

I can gaze at the unpatronising forms of Egg’s clothes for hours. Essentially, I like the generous cuts, the unrestricted movement, the billowing silhouettes, and the faithful refined craftsmanship I see in every piece I’ve come face to face with. My heart sings at the choice of fabrics, the honesty of form and the timelessness laid bare in each piece that comes out of the Kinnerton Street establishment.

Egg is owned by the legendary Maureen Doherty who’s had a long kinship with Miyake Issey – another favourite of mine. Furthermore, her clothes are worn by another of my favourite designer of mine… Kawakubo Rei. I don’t need to say anymore do I?

Photo credit: EGG TRADING 

Photo credit: EGG TRADING 

Photo credit: EGG TRADING 

Photo credit: EGG TRADING 

“…….simplicity of an egg, the form and enigma behind and within………”

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