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The top two reasons that houseplants meet an untimely end is down to either over-watering or under-watering. When I begun my plant journey, I was culpable for the former. I over-watered all my succulents, positively lavished them with all the attention I could and they withered and spoilt. I felt awful about it – I almost abandoned my plant passion altogether. But I persevered and have since learned to reign in my watering affections and my plants are much happier!

On a recent visit to BOTANY, I was inspired by the plants in clear glass planters. Their roots revealed twisting amid the glass encapsulated soil. Beautiful! Then I remembered my over-watered succulents and realised that glass planters do not have drainage holes…….

BOTANY’s founder, Angela had firm (but friendly) words for me when I asked for advice on how not to overwater a fern potted in one of her glass planters. She said:

1. Treat plants with respect.

2. Never water a plant and walk away leaving it for days without checking it. Water it carefully, watching how the water behaves and act accordingly. 

3. You can see the water move through the soil with a clear pot.If the water starts to pool at the bottom of the pot because you’ve overwatered, hold the soil of the plant firmly with your hand and gently tip the pot. The excess water will slowly run out.

4. Planting my fern in a glass planter may well help to train my watering technique.

And it HAS!

My asparagus fern, (remember when I first got it?), is thriving in its new home. So much so that I may have to repot it again sooner than I planned! 

I have since bought ANOTHER fern and replanted into a lab beaker that I had going spare. I hope it will thrive too!


I have found that my ferns in general prefer indirect light – they throw tantrums in direct sunlight and they like their soil to be kept damp – not wet and certainly not dry.

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