| Explore | Unexpected Beach

During one of our walks, scouting for tower blocks through London’s many council estates…..

….Concrete…MORE concrete….Concrete…..And then BOOOOM! A beach!

We will tell you all about the tower we came to see another time. For now, let’s just concentrate on the beach. What an unexpected and welcome find! 

The ancient Thames is the keeper of many secrets but it is no secret that there are a few beaches along her route through London. The most famous is Tower Beach with the famed bridge looming above it. This little stretch is lesser known, it’s in Cubitt Town in the Isle of Dogs and alongside a whopping big council estate that thus far shows little signs of the sort of gentrification that’s nibbling at so many of the east London housing estates. 

I liked it here. I liked the sounds of the waves lapping over the pebbles. I smell of the algae awaiting the return of the tide. I liked the sound of the locals enjoying a quiet moment here. I liked the sight of clouds billowing over the opposite side of the river and seeing them spill rain over sections of south London.

A bikini beach type tropical paradise it may not be but I’ve no doubt that many a return trip will be made to this place – leaving all swimwear at home!

P.S. I didn’t intentionally set out to dress in a clownish manner. Then again perhaps, subconsciously, I did! I do LOVE clowns (EVIDENCE 1) (EVIDENCE 2)