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I am so chuffed that we got to stop by Haeckels when we were in Margate. If you are in the area, I highly recommend a visit. It smells wonderful. It is gorgeously laid out as a part boutique, part lab space with elements of old world industrial vibes thrown in for good measure and….. it has a sea view!

Thanks to fortuitous timing, we got to meet one of the founders and it is always nice to learn about an enterprise directly from the creator isn’t it? Dom was approachable, knowledgable and passionate about what they do at Haeckels and we left the shop feeling so happy and excited with all our purchases.


Haeckels’ Seaweed/Seabuckthorn Facial Cleanser is a hit for both of us. A rare occurrence when it comes to skincare. It is a low foaming cleanser formulated with a power house of botanical ingredients chosen to heal, replenish and condition the skin. It does a thorough job even for a double cleansing fan who generally avoids foaming cleansers like me. I use it a couple of times a week to remove all trace of my reliably stubborn Japanese sunscreen and BB creams. A little goes a long way and it smells so so so good!

There are a good few brands out there all vying for the amber bottle modern apothecary look. Haeckels set themselves apart by doing away with paper labels and instead the names and ingredients are etched directly onto their bottles. Although they can be tricky to read in the wrong light, to me this effort quietly tells us that Haeckel’s attention to detail goes beyond aiming for aesthetic appeal. It tells of a commitment to their endeavour and in today’s world of fast fashions, aiming for longevity should be applauded.

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