| Streets | Magic Mundane I

The magic mundane is such an appropriate way to describe the urban details that captivate me. The stuff that many just walk past and will never care about – let’s face it there are far more important things in life to busy our brains with than……A wall the perfect shade of blue….A perfectly cast shadow….The prettiest peeling paint….OMG those tiles!…. That stack of crates! That yellow against that green though!

Most of my ‘mundane’ photos don’t make it to the blog. I suppose I think that people won’t have that much to say about them – what is there to say?! I stick them up on Instagram and feel good for doing so.  I am always surprised when an unfamiliar name Likes them. Surprise escalates to a bubble of joy when I click on the name to see that they too can see the magic and are beguiled/inspired buy the mundane things in life! 

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