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In a very ordinary suburb of Tokyo, is a very ordinary neighbourhood. In this very ordinary neighbourhood, is a very ordinary street. At the end of the very ordinary street, is a very curious temple indeed!

My father-in-law is the one to discovered this place and since then, (whilst most people will go to more celebrated temples) both him and my mother-in-law have made their way here in the depths of night to for hatsumoude. I am so proud of their curious ways!

Amid the distant sounds of everyday life, a population of stoney monks reside in blithe repose. Their energy suspended in timeless physiognomy.









I have this belief that people that retain their childlike sense of curiosity and wonder will always find magic even in the most mundane of places. This, is something that age can never rob us of.

It was such a pleasure to meet the characters concealed in the grass here. They gave me the feeling that they sit in wait for unsuspecting visitors to ‘discover’ them so that they can charm an everlasting impression into their memories. I suspect that these venerable fellows come to life when the sun goes down and no one is looking.

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