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While I’ve got walls on my mind, I thought I’d finally spill the beans on my favourite wall. It’s almost a pity that it not one that the public has free access to, as this wall is tucked away in a school in Hackney. The school and wall were designed by Erno Goldfinger whose buildings, upset Ian Flemming so immensely, that he borrowed his name for one of James Bond’s most memorable adversaries. We disagree with Flemming and think Goldfinger was some sort of genius.

Anyway! Back to the school and more importantly, the wall!

This wall is in Haggerston School. I’ll admit to real envy of the kids to attend this institution. It’s a masterly Modern and Brutalist building whose proportions follow the Gold Section and include sublime details such as bush hammered concrete, coffered ceilings and the sensitive use of timber throughout, all of which can be seen in harmonious accord in the school’s assembly hall.

I know that London is not short on brick walls. But none are quite like this one. The bricks are positioned this way to sound-proofing  the hall. Evidently the wall was designed with acoustics rather than aesthetics in mind and yet I cannot stop enjoying the look of it. I would love to spend a day filming the behaviour of sunlight and shadow across it from sunrise to sunset. I am certain that it would be a mesmerising performance.

Haggerston School is Grade II listed is the only educational project that Erno Goldfinger designed. It was completed in 1967 and has since undergone some sympathetic modernisation. It is not normally open to the public. However if you are into midcentury homewares then you should keep an eye on Modern Shows website for when they next plan to pitch up at the school. It is a good opportunity to take in some real furniture porn aaaaaaaand eye up the building while you are at it. The other way you may get into the building is if they sign up for this year’s Open City event.

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Haggerston School’s website has more info and photos.