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We didn’t spend all our time in Margate mooching about her marvel-filled streets! We’d seen images of gleaming cliffs and we felt their call. Isn’t it sweet when things are just like you saw in the picture? In our filter-saturated world, things are rarely as they are.

Botany Bay is impressive. Time it right, and it’s positively spellbinding. The chalk cliffs took my breath away. I left inspired by their form, their colour, their texture and their contradiction with the excess of seaweed converging about them. The intersecting stacks of powder bricks are still inspiring vertiginous ideas in my daydreams. 

This was the perfect place to end our trip to Margate. I watched with bemused bewilderment as my sister went for a swim in the petrifyingly cold sea!! She’s made of far tougher stuff than I am. 

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