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I’m so glad I grabbed these little comfy trousers for the kid. I spotted them on special offer earlier in the year. They are bright and vivacious and so they should be, they are after all, inspired by Matisse! And they always get a compliment or two from hawk-eyed mums.

They are designed and made by Bobo Choses. A Spanish company who occupy an old toy factory by the sea. How fantabulous does that sound?! I’m imagining it to be the most funnest place to work. Maybe after they finish work (or perhaps they have happy elves that do that for them), they all run into the sea for a refreshing swim…….Back to the trousers, I can declare that they are as comfortable as they are playful. At least they seem to be. Made of soft and comfy, movement friendly ribbed cotton jersey (165g if you are geeky about your cloth) they allow the kid to do all those flexible, squirmy manoeuvres that he is so into at the moment. They wash well, keep their shape and have not faded after a couple of washes. 

These pants are part of Bobo Choses  SS16 collection entitled “Der Blaue Reiter”, a tribute to Matisse, Picasso, Pollock and Hockney. Super cool and fun with a sophisticated and unpatronising edge that we really dig. 

If you are in the market for colourful funky kids clothes do look Bobo Choses up. 

P.S. Speaking of Picasso. I bought this book. I like to read it to the Kid. Of course he is too young to understand it, and of course he is unimpressed with the lack of bold pictures (this one is more about the photos). I read it to him anyway and he always squirms off and finds his battered copy of Meg & Mog. Ah well, I am hopeful that he will appreciate it one day. It is a really lovely book!

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I bought the pants from Abacus Kids.