| Abandoned | Lonely Lido

We’re turning the pages of our hefty story book back to Margate. Here is a tale of an abandoned lonely Lido whose dowdy appearance hides a fascinating story. The Lido was built between 1824-1828 and it is the earliest surviving seawater bathing establishment that has not been converted into residential buildings in the country. The baths were excavated from the chalk cliffs and what we show here is just the surface of the tale, there are 3 levels hiding beneath. 


The Lido has gone through name changes and remodelling. It has seen tides and people come and go. Today it sits in wait for the next courageous entrepreneur to come along and snog some life back into it. Not that different to Sleeping Beauty really!

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We couldn’t resist wondering what the lower levels look like. Of course the Urbex forums had plenty to offer

Interesting facts and fascinating historical photos

I say! British Pathé has a smashing collection of old film clips. The ‘Watery Sportery” film is particularly fun