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Bonne Maison socks have quickly become darlings of my daily wardrobe. Its their splendid patterns that beckon me. Such detailed, striking and expressive socks cannot go unnoticed or unappreciated. They are made using high quality Egyptian cotton that has been spun in Italy and manufactured in France. I’d like to say that these socks are comfortable but the truth is that they are more than just comfortable, they feel luxurious to prance around it. So much so, that it feels a bit of a shame to then squeeze them into a pair of shoes! 

The botanical inspired pair that I am wearing below pair well with my passion for plants. I am also coveting the Jellyfish pair because they make me think of Haeckels illustrations.

Plant: Tillandsia Plagiotropica

Plant:Spathiphyllum Chopin 

I’ve quietly envied Hiro for having the exceptional quality CHUP socks as his favourites. I now have favourite sock makers too. Bonne Maison!

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You can buy these socks in UK from Luna & Curious or Hus & Hem

Bonne Maison’s website showcases their current collection.

P.S. If you like looking at walls, tiles, illustrations etc, you might just enjoy Bonne Maison’s Instagram just as much as I do.

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