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A couple of weeks ago, I was up at stupid o’clock with the baby again. Half asleep and in well-trained auto-pilot I was sipping a cup of decaf, pretending that it wasn’t decaf, and listening to a bit of banter on the telly.  The presenters on the Beeb were having a semi-sneer/joke about so-called letter box spotters. These keen folks travel up and down the country taking photos of letter boxes, gushing at the rarer ones and looking positively gleeful when they recount the various histories behind each one. I thought that it was a peculiar thing to dedicate one’s time and adventure to but, let’s face it, who am I of all people to sneer at another’s obsession!? 

Anyway, fast forward a couple of weeks later to when I am doing spot of photo spring cleaning and guess what? Blow me down with a feather pen and call me Pat…..I am prone, albeit unintentionally, to a bit of letter box spotting too!

Credit: http://www.lbsg.org

The classic red pillar box is a design icon that’s instantly recognised as British. While I have noticed variations in their appearance, I’ve grown so used to seeing and using them that I’ve not paid much thought to their design history. Until watching the snippet about their eager fanatics, I had no idea that there were so many in existence today. Then again, the story of the British letter box did begin about 150 years ago, that is plenty of time to accumulate plenty of quirks, guises and fans (including accidental ones)! 

Are you an occasional accidental letter box spotter too?

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