| Magic Mundane | Chatsworth Road

When the weather is on our side, and when life is not making demands with its endless to-do lists, the kid and I like to practice for our future adventuring ambitions by hopping onto a bus and just going ‘somewhere’. We are lackadaisical in our pace. We like to look at things that we might miss if were in a rush. Little details that inspire us like, tiny determined plants growing through cracks in the tarmac. 

The kid is captivated with things like colours, shadows, patterns and reflections and I am always eager to see how he sees. I think it’s begun to affect my photography demeanour. Suddenly, I’m taking photos of all sorts of things now inspire my making for Stranger London.

Our latest bus escapade took us to Chatsworth Road on a dazzling bright day with an icy bite on its breath. Chatsworth Road has an abundance of details to delight the observant eye.

Chatsworth Road buzzes to a chilled beat on weekdays and thanks to Peoples Choice, it is one of the sweetest smelling streets in London. There is an inspiring selection of independent businesses here that I urge you to check out and support,  including:

BOTANY that I spoke about previously (HERE), Triangle (pictured above have a nice collection of home & gift wares.
The Hackney Draper full of useful things.
Rebel Rebel will see to all your floral demands.
Cooper & Wolf for a smashing coffee

Chatsworth Road has a lot to offer both on the surface and to those that care to dig a little deeper/look a little harder. 

|For The Curious|

Just take a look at this great website. I think community in London should have a website like this.

P.S. The pretty pastel coloured tiles? They belong to this place which is now closed. But the photos here are just wonderful!