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If you are looking for some plants, go here. You are not looking for plants, still go here! The Conservatory Archives is my favourite shop at the moment. Mainly because I am so sure that the door to some tropical wonderland paradise Elysium is hidden somewhere within its walls, but also because all the plants I’ve quietly wished that I could buy, all magically live here. But that’s not all. Exotic plantae consort with handsome teak furniture pieces and I am hearing murmurings of coffee being served soon too. Argh! Could it be more perfect? 


Before 493 – 495 Hackney Road became the Conservatory Archives, it was once the setting of London’s older ironmongers dating back to 1795! I have so much respect for the way that Giacomo and Jin have so lovingly and soulfully breathed life into the shaky bones of the old building to house their plants and vintage furniture.  They have created a place that is honest, beautiful, and inspiring. It is energising and refreshing to be in a place where everything feels so meaningful, hard-won and gently healed into life.

I keep asking Hiro if we can go back and it is never difficult to convince him to. We 
never leave empty handed. Soon, I shall take my sister here. I bet my last rolo that she will love it too. I am beginning to think that we should just try and move in. Just as soon as I manage to find that door!

| Extra’s for the Curious |

Take a look and read about the premises at London’s oldest ironmongers.

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